Disgaea Trophies – Now with less save game distruction!

Originally when trophies were announced for Disgaea 3 I was pretty excited. A few days ago, however there was a rumor that downloading the trophy patch would make any previous save games useless. Disgaea is the kind of game were people spend hundreds of hours leveling characters and items so losing a saved game is kind of a big deal. Well the patch is now out and all those rumors have been layer to rest. I updated my game last night and it worked great.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 demo on PSN Thurs

Over at the playstation blog they just announced that a port of the Dreamcast version of Marvel vs. Capcom will be coming to PSN and Xbox Live. This Thursday, PSN gets an exclusive demo with 6 playable characters (Ryu, Chun-Li, Strider, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine) and Seven environments. Pretty fucking large demo. Anyway, check the Playstation Store this Thursday for the goods.

Advent Children Complete Party Houses Scale Midgar


Advent Children Complete comes out on April 16th in Japan. At the launch party this week they had this badass scale model of Midgar. They also had a scale Buster sword at the party, though thats less impressive cause you see that kind of stuff in cosplay and shit fairly regularly. I wish that this DVD release were coming to America, because it comes with a fairly lengthy playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII. Importing crossed my mind but how usefull would a $80 Blu Ray/Game Demo that I cant understand be to me? Not very. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait till 2010 with all the other Americans to get my hands on the next Final Fantasy game.

For more pictures of the launch party check out this site.

Qore – Episode 11 – April 2009

This month’s episode of Qore comes packed with some pretty cool topics. There is a feature on the making of the music in the upcoming Playstation exclusive InFAMOUS, an interview with the guys over at Titan Studios in Seattle about their upcoming PSN game Fat Princess, and a featurette on arty games on the PSN including Linger in Shadows, Pixel Junk Eden, and Flower. Linger in Shadows also comes as a free download with this month’s episode (woo free trophies!).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this month’s episode is free for everyone.

Resident Evil 5


I hate zombies as much as the next guy. As gross as zombies are, one thing I hate more is people infected with zombie like virus’. Resident Evil 5 gives me the rare opportunity to scratch this itch. Yippe!

Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa, the appearent origins of the series dreaded T Virus from older RE games, and Los Plagus from RE4. In it you take control of Chris Redfield or newcomer Sheva Alomar and bust some heads trying to figure out whats going on.

The big thing with RE5 is that it is now Co-Op, meaning you can play through the whole story mode with someone else. This kind of thing has been around for awhile but its my first time actually using it. Its shitloads of fun. In fact, I’d say its the only way this game should be played. If you don’t do it Co-Op then you’re missing out on a good portion of this game’s enjoyment. You can hand your partner ammo or healing items, or even heal them while they are in battle. If they get into trouble you can run up and do a special move to help them get the zombie guys off of them.

There are also some basic RPG emelments in the game like upgrading, buying, and selling weapons and items. So thats nice too.

Multi-Core Startup

On a recent episode of Tekzilla they showed how to enable all of your PC’s cores work while starting up. Normally this is an operation that only one core takes care of. By enabling mulit-core startup it really peps up the startup times. My windows 7 laptop is ridiculously fast at starting now. YAY!

For those of you who want to know how to do it. Go to Start, Run, type “msconfig”, go to the Boot tab, then click on advanced. You should see a box that allows you to enable multi-core startup and allows you to choose how many cores. Give it a try!

Street Fighter IV


I’ve never been very good at fighting games. That being said, I do still enjoy them a great deal, and i’ve been excited for Street Fighter IV since it was announced.

SFIV is pretty damn difficult in Arcade Mode. I managed to get through the Arcade Mode once as Ryu (Which unlocked Sakura). If I want to unlock everyone, its going to take some more skillz– skillz I dont have. I really like Akuma, so I’ll have to eventually get through the game with most of the people to get him.

I was just looking on Gamefaqs about how to do super combos and focus attacks. Hopefully with this knowledge I’ll be able to get through the game with some other characters.

I wans’t too sure about the art style when I first booted it up, but its grown on me a lot and now I love it. The animation is fast and fluid, and its really cool to see the fighter’s facial expressions change as they get hit. I kind of wish the anime cutscenes were done in engine, but what can ya do?

Oh, and for those playing on the PS3, installing the game reduces the load times by about 3 seconds.

Camera Gear

Recently, I posted about buying a new camera. I got it with the kit lens and have thus far taken a lot of what I consider pretty cool photos with it. A camera is only as good as its lens, however, so I decided to upgrade my lens to a Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0. It is one of the most highly reviewed lenses for the new 4/3 standard. It is also said to be extremely versatile, so it should be great for an all purpose lens, which is what I want right now. I cant wait till it comes in the mail. Impressions shortly.

Freelance in transit

So yesterday I was heading home for the holidays. After my flight being delayed for 3 hours I was off. The flight wasn’t full so there was a seat between me and the guy next to me – I was on the aisle.

Well before the 10,000 foot electronics free for all a guy across the aisle said he couldn’t help but notice that I was an artist (I was sketching in my moleskine at the time). He said that he had just finished a manuscript and was looking for someone to sketch a book cover. He handed me a small piece of paper with some scribbles on it and explained that he wanted two faces looking at each other both looking like they were starved convicts. He said he’d give me $20 for my time so I agreed to do it.

Then he started talking about how the book was about how in the year 2038 the Muslims have enslaved the Christians and the Jews and they are branded with either a monkey or a pig on their forehead and that this should be reflected in the sketch as well.

I did the sketch for him, took his money, and unknowingly participated in what sounded like an anti-muslim publication. Ohhhh what these troubled times have driven me to. Sorry Muslims.

LittleBigPlanet’s MGS Level pack is officially AWESOME!


Holy shit. Seriously. If you buy the MGS level pack you get not only a crapload of Metal Gear goodness but you also will receive a FUCKING PAINTBALL GUN! This is not just for looks. It unlocks a whole new mechanic to the game. You’ll be able to take on enemies, and other sackboys with the paintball gun, including a version of Metal Gear Rex. If I was unsure about buying this pack (which I wasnt), this would have pushed me over the edge.

In closing, fuck yeah!

Noby Noby Boy: Excitement, Confusion.

noby_noby_02Keita Takahashi, the man behind Katamary Damacy has been working on his latest game Noby Noby Boy for awhile now. One thing that is pretty much ubiquitous in the online discussion surrounding this game is the confusion about its gameplay. I believe that the basic gist of it is that you strech out “Boy” by anchoring either his head or his butt, and you can eat things and shit them out and wrap around stuff. Over the course your gluttony the stuff that you consume is tallied and “Girl” gets longer. The length of Girl is, based on the cumulative length based on everyone playing the game.

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