Makeshift Light Table


I have been working on a freelance illustration project in my off time for the past few weekends. Today, during the course of sketching, I realized I needed a light table to transfer a template I had made to the soon to be final page. After a quick trip to Home Depot and $25 out of my pocket I have a light table that will serve my purposes perfectly.


  • Buckets$2.78 x 2
  • Worklight – $4.97
  • 18×24 .236″ Plexiglass Sheet – $14.47

After I took the photo I decided that having the light blind me if I moved the paper was a less than ideal situation so I used some masking tape to attach 2 11×14 sheets of white drawing paper to the underside of the glass to diffuse the light a bit. Now it’s much more pleasent to work on. It may not be attractive or comfortable to use for extended periods of time, but for what I needed it was perfect, plus it breaks down very quickly and who cant use more buckets?

Weezer Show – October 2, 2008

Last night I went to see Weezer play at the All State Arena in Rosemont.

Tokyo Police Club started the night off. I am already a fan of them so hearing them live was great. They put on a really good show and sounded great. They played a lot of songs off of A Lesson in Crime, which is the album of theirs that I have. So that was cool. It made me want to pick up their newest album Elephant Shell, which I probably will do today. Their show was energetic and fun. There was one point in the night where the keyboardist’s thing fell off its stand and he was playing another one next to it and holding that one up with his leg. It was pretty sweet.

After TKP was finished Angels & Airwaves came out. I thought they sounded a lot like Blink 182, and that the lead singer looked like he was a douche. He kept holding his arms out like he was jesus, reaching his hands out to the crowd, and doing all sorts of stupid stuff like walking in slow motion across the stage. I got the “I am a big douchebag” from his stage antics. I would find out later that the singer was indeed Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 and that rumors are he is a douche.

Finally Weezer took the stage. They were decked out in white jumpsuits and Rivers was still sporting his mustache. They started off with My name is Jonas, which Rivers ended in spanish (“Me llamo Jonas”) which was funny. They played Suzanne, and then Say it ain’t So next. Both songs were awesome. They they took off the white jump suits to reveal red track suits with “Weezer” written in white on the back. I dont really remember the order of the songs after this but they also played Dreamin’, El Scorcho, Dope Nose, Hash Pipe, Pink Triangle, King, Automatic, Troublemaker, Greatest Man that Ever Lived, Whats the Story Morning Glory (Oasis cover), and Undone (where the Blink 182 guy came out and sang the first verse).

I’m not sure if I missed any but I’ll update it later if I did. After the main set they went off stage, came back and played Island in the Sun, and Beverly Hills with a big group of weezer fans they had gotten a local radio station to scrounge  up and bring their instruments. It was pretty awesome. They left the stage again and there was a spotlight in the middle of the stage. A roadie brought out a red record player with the weezer W on the inside of the lid and put on a red album vinyl playing Heart Songs. Right where it was getting to the part about Rivers discovering Nirvana and wanting to make music he ran out and kicked it and then they played Sliver (Nirvana cover). After that they closed it up with Buddy Holly and the big LED screen behind them switched to the Weezer W. It was an awesome show.


So I decided to sell my iPod Touch on ebay so that I could upgrade to the newest model of it. Since the conference I have been thinking about getting an iPod nano to use while at the gym, but the new iPod touch comes with the reciever built in and has other updates like the internal speaker and the volume buttons on the side. If I could upgrade my iPod to the latest version for about the amount that I was planning on paying for an iPod nano I think it is going to be worth it to me. Lets do this!

Selling on Craigslist

I ordered a new couch from Crate & Barrel months ago. Well it finally came yesterday and I wanted to give the my old couch away on Craigslist. I posted a picture and a description of it and got a bunch of responses. The first guy flaked out both Saturday and Sunday but I emailed one of the other people on the list and she and some of her friends came and picked it up tonight. I’m glad it went to some normal people and not some weirdos or something. Anyway, they get a new couch and I dont have to pay for a bulk pickup. Win/Win.


Why is it that apple can make some marginal improvements (a volume button, an external speaker and a slightly tweaked design) and I still want one. Well I wont be buying a new iPod touch anytime soon but I do like the new rounded back of this latest model and how the metal wraps around to the bezel, much like the iPhone.

With the new firmware they seem to have fixed the slow sync times. Backup is much faster (especially after the first time), which should alleviate some of the 8+ hour syncing times that people have been reporting. I saw a time-lapse video that was 8 hours long during a single sync of the iPhone! So that is a big deal that it’s resolved.

Oh, and for the iPod nano I’m glad that they went back to the vertical version. The squat fat one looked stupid.

A fucking ray of light from heaven.

Being a web designer can be pretty shitty sometimes. By sometimes I mean when checking your site it Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 from now on). IE6 plays shuffle board with your beautifully layed out divs and ps resulting in a jumbled mess for which you must write a new CSS file, or use other tricks, to get the one that SHOULD work working.

The second problem with IE6 is that it cant simultaniously exist on the same machine as IE7 is installed on… UNTIL NOW! I am working on a freelance site and not having multiple computers around with various installs of IE like at work is making testing it nigh impossible. This morning I did a little search on google for a solution and on top of the pile of installing virtual PC bullshit with windows XP images there was this.

Its called IETester, and is just that. It lets you test websites in IE 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 beta. It’s probably stupid that im this excited about it, but hot damn. Finally.

Team Fortress 2 – Heavy Update

Over on the Official Team Fortress 2 Blog they announced that the update for the Heavy would be coming on Tuesday, August 19th. Appearently, this update is the biggest yet for the game and includes a new game mode, 5 maps for this game mode, 1 additional map for the payload gametype, 3 new heavy weapons, and 35 (heavy) achievements, as well as a “special” Meet The. I really want the soldier and demoman to get this treatment.

[Update]: Valve just posted an additional post detailing the first of The Heavy’s new weapons. The Killing Gloves of Boxing give you 5 seconds of guaranteed crit. But with the trade of off a slower swing rate. They also posted all of the icons and names for the 35 new achievements, but give no explanation of what the achievements actually are.

Bios Flashing

So, I decided that it would be good to have all the latest drivers on my laptop, so I went to Lenovo’s website and looked for drivers for the Y510. Turns out there was a new Bios and it said that it was strongly recommended that you update to the newer version. Bios updates always scare me because if they fail for whatever reason you’re pretty much screwed. Fortunately, it updated fine, so no worries.

I hate my F5D8233-4 router!

So, I’m not entirely sure that the router is the problem, but im pretty sure it is. The comcast guy came out here today and did some stuff that was supposed to fix my connection problems but it didn’t really change anything. My connection is still disconnecting me randomly and stalling out when downloading large files. It’s really frustrating. I tried calling comcast again tonight but the idiot on the other end suggested that my connection problem is because of Javascript…

[Update]: So I did a test last night to make sure it was the router. I plugged my laptop directly into the cable modem and started downloading the 1up show (which is a large file, and downloads slow from 1up’s servers so it fit my purposes well). After several hours the download still hadn’t stalled, when it would within 30 minutes through the router.

I looked on belkin’s website to see if there was anything else I could do, and sure enough, there is a lifetime warrenty on this sucker, so I requested an RMA. They’ll be sending me a new router (hopefully one of the update hardware revisions) and I’ll be sending them my old busted one. If it doesnt work, I’m only out the cost of postage. I figure its worth trying before dropping cash on an entirely new one. Unfortunately, they had to put like a $100 hold on my debit card which will be returned to me once they get the broken router.

Internet Connection Issues

For the past few days I’ve been getting a really weird internet connection probelm. My downloads start just fine, but then eventually stall out. If I’m playing an online game it disconnects from the server. This has been happening on my PC, my laptop, my PS3, and Liz’s laptop. I just called Comcast and the lady, though very nice, couldnt figure out what was wrong. She did manage to update my modem’s mac address to the correct one (I’ve told 3 or 4 comcast people what the new one was but they’ve never updated it). A guy is coming out Thursday to try to fix my signal. I’d really like to get to playing online games again. It’s getting pretty annoying.

The New Couch

When I moved to Chicago I bought a couch from IKEA. It served its purpose fairly well, but when I moved out of my old apartment in Uptown to where I live now I somehow managed to bend  one of the metal things the legs screw into. Couple that with all the stains on it, and its in a pretty sad state.

Camden Sofa

For awhile now my girlfriend Liz has been urging me to buy a new couch. Today I did. Its a Camden Style sofa from Crate and Barrel. We decided on the Tobacco color. Its kind of a goldish tan/brown which will go well with my dark furniture, brown rug, and green pillows. I realize that this post may be too manly for some, but I’m excited about my new couch none the less. All thats left is the 6-8 weeks for them to make it (the color we chose wasnt one that they stock so they are made to order), and delivery.

Best Buy!

On my way home from the Korean Supermarket the other day I saw a sign that said a Best Buy was coming to that area soon. This is awesome for me because all current technology stores are a bit of a trek. This one will be walking distance/1 train stop. I wonder what their definition of “soon” is.