Batman Drawing!


Playing Arkham Asylum has gotten me really into the Batman comics. In the past few weeks I’ve read All-Star Batman & Robin, Batman Hush, Battle for the Cowl, Batman R.I.P., and just started reading The Long Halloween. I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the more I’ve read the more I wanted to draw a Batman picture. I tend to like the short ear style on Batman, so I went with a mix between Jim Lee and the animated series. Click on either the image above or here for a high rez version.

Comic book love continues.

I went to 2 different Borders bookstores after work today and the only book that really stood out to me was The Walking Dead but it was kind of expensive so I held off. When I got home I went onto amazon to see if there was any price difference.  Walking Dead 1 was like $10 cheaper than at borders. In order to get amazon’s free shipping I also picked up The Walking Dead 2, and Umbrella Academy.

I had seen Umbrella Academy at a comic book shop near my house the other day and the art looked really cool. Some of the covers are done by James Jean, of whom I am a fan. I had held off at the time because I wanted to know if it was any good before buying it. I guess its written by the dude in My Chemical Romance (what I assume is some shitty emo band from what I’ve heard), but every review I’ve read of it says its surprisingly awesome.

Comic books I’ve been reading

I’ve been reading a lot more comic books than is normal for me recently. I think it was most likely spurred on by the release of Dark Knight, and now the announcement of Batman Arkham Asylum. Before Dark Knight I read The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, which was fantastic.

Sticking with the Alan Moore theme, I read Watchmen last week. I have been meaning to read it for a long time now, and the upcoming movie gave me a timeframe in which I’d need to complete this objective. Watchmen was probably one of the best comic books I’ve read, which isn’t really surprising, seeing as it is often given that title by critics. I really loved the characters and Rorschach was especially great. I cant wait to see how he’s done in the movie.

Last night, after reading Game Informer’s feature on the Arkham Asylum game I decided to read Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth by Grant Morrison to get some of the backstory. The art was very cool, and painterly, and incorporated stylized photographs at times. I really loved the way that the Joker was drawn, though my only problem with the book was the legibility of the Joker’s speech. They didn’t put it in bubbles and it was written in bright red scribbly text and was super difficult to read. Other than that it was pretty good and fairly disturbing. I’d recommend it if you’re at all interested in the game.