Weezer Show – October 2, 2008

Last night I went to see Weezer play at the All State Arena in Rosemont.

Tokyo Police Club started the night off. I am already a fan of them so hearing them live was great. They put on a really good show and sounded great. They played a lot of songs off of A Lesson in Crime, which is the album of theirs that I have. So that was cool. It made me want to pick up their newest album Elephant Shell, which I probably will do today. Their show was energetic and fun. There was one point in the night where the keyboardist’s thing fell off its stand and he was playing another one next to it and holding that one up with his leg. It was pretty sweet.

After TKP was finished Angels & Airwaves came out. I thought they sounded a lot like Blink 182, and that the lead singer looked like he was a douche. He kept holding his arms out like he was jesus, reaching his hands out to the crowd, and doing all sorts of stupid stuff like walking in slow motion across the stage. I got the “I am a big douchebag” from his stage antics. I would find out later that the singer was indeed Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 and that rumors are he is a douche.

Finally Weezer took the stage. They were decked out in white jumpsuits and Rivers was still sporting his mustache. They started off with My name is Jonas, which Rivers ended in spanish (“Me llamo Jonas”) which was funny. They played Suzanne, and then Say it ain’t So next. Both songs were awesome. They they took off the white jump suits to reveal red track suits with “Weezer” written in white on the back. I dont really remember the order of the songs after this but they also played Dreamin’, El Scorcho, Dope Nose, Hash Pipe, Pink Triangle, King, Automatic, Troublemaker, Greatest Man that Ever Lived, Whats the Story Morning Glory (Oasis cover), and Undone (where the Blink 182 guy came out and sang the first verse).

I’m not sure if I missed any but I’ll update it later if I did. After the main set they went off stage, came back and played Island in the Sun, and Beverly Hills with a big group of weezer fans they had gotten a local radio station to scrounge  up and bring their instruments. It was pretty awesome. They left the stage again and there was a spotlight in the middle of the stage. A roadie brought out a red record player with the weezer W on the inside of the lid and put on a red album vinyl playing Heart Songs. Right where it was getting to the part about Rivers discovering Nirvana and wanting to make music he ran out and kicked it and then they played Sliver (Nirvana cover). After that they closed it up with Buddy Holly and the big LED screen behind them switched to the Weezer W. It was an awesome show.

GT5:Prologue Interface Design

As a designer, when I play games I try to notice design elements that stand out as either overwhelmingly good or bad. On last week’s Full Moon Show, they had Jake Stones, the UI Designer from Insomniac Games (Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, etc…). He was talking about various things that go into interface design for modern videogames and it was all pretty interesting.

Yesterday I got GT5 and one of the first things that I noticed was how fantastic the interface is. From animation to ease of use, everything is wonderful. Even the use of descriptive icons is spot on. I know that a lot of UI designers feel like their work goes un-noticed, but man… GT5’s is real slick.

Gran Turismo Prologue Racing Wheel

Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

So, because of this economic stimulus check that us taxpayers are going to be getting in may I decided to splurge a little bit and buy a racing wheel. I’ve always been a fan of racing games, and I really like the Gran Turismo games. So seeing that Prologue comes out April 15th, I decided to get the Driving Force GT wheel (pictured above). The problem is this: Once I get the wheel I don’t just want to hold it on my lap. That is lame indeed! I decided to try to build a stand myself and last night Kagi sent me a link to this one that seems pretty good called “Wheel Station 2” It seems pretty simple, so today I went over to home depot and bought a drill and a saw and I’ll probably go get the wood to set it up next week. I also found some of those locking hinges thing that the wheel station uses.

I’ll post it here when its done.

Gran Turismo 5 – Download or Disk


I have been going back and fourth on if I want to buy Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the disk or from the PSN store. I think I am going to go with the store though. I did a little bit of research and I’ve cleared up one of the biggest problems I had with going digital download. I was concerned that some day my PS3 would die and I’d lose all my downloadable games, this is not the case. If you download a game from PSN you can download it on up to 4 additional PS3 units (if logged in as your PSN ID). The game can be redownloaded as many times as you want from those 5 PS3s.

The benefits of disk-less gaming are too tempting to ignore. I love the idea of not having to go switch disks, especially for a game that I’ll no doubt end up playing pretty sporadicly after my initial push with it.