Online vs Offline – Buying things.


I’m going on a trip in a few days. My step brother is getting married so I figured I’d be taking a lot of photos. Right now I just have a single 2GB SanDisk Extreme III CF card, while the card is great, it doesn’t let me take all that many photos. Today I realized that I may need additional cards. I looked at Best Buy and Walgreens and both placed had 2gb cards for around $40. I went online to (my new favorite camrea stuff store) and right on the front page they had a sale on 5 2gb SanDisk Extreme III CF cards for $50. WTF!? Even though I wont get them in time for the wedding, an additional 8GB of storage for $10? yes please.

Seriously, buying stuff in stores is fucking dead to me.

Olympus BLM-1 battery replacement on the cheap

Olympus brand replacement batteries for E-500 cameras are expensive. The official Olympus BLM-1 battery MSRPs for $90. You can find it online for around $44, but still. If you already have a battery that is a lot of money for a backup. Enter the BLM-1 Replacement battery by Adorama. It’s $4, and judging by the reviews pretty much equivalent to the official one. Mine is in the mail.

Thanks to el chupapadre for the tip.

Counterfeit One Piece Figures (Megahouse) – Spotting Fakes.

I’ve been buying Megahouse One Piece figures for awhile now. It’s been a combination of getting them on ebay and from hobby link and so far I’ve been pretty lucky. A few weeks ago I purchased a Luffy figure from an ebay user with a pretty high (98.8%) positive rating. For around $20, this seemed to good to be true.

It was. I got the figure a few days ago and it is totally a counterfeit. I cracked the cheap plastic base trying to get the feet into the pegs, and noticed that there were several differences. And awayyyyyy we go!


The hair on the counterfeit is a lot less detailed, and the tips aren’t as sharp. You’ll also notice that there is a weird bumpiness to it. The whole figure is made out of a hard shiny plastic instead of a smooth matte vinyl, so you can see there is a lot more specular highlights on the fake. The color of the skin tone is also off (lighter and less red). The eyes and eyebrows are poorly painted, as well. The eye’s lines are thicker, and the eyebrows are thinner. It also looks like the face is slightly higher up on the head in the fake one. Its weird how all this small stuff makes it look so much less like Luffy.


The torso probably has the biggest differences between the genuine Megahouse figure and the fake. The shirt is in an entirely different position and looks a lot lower quality. The hands are further apart and the wrist on his left arm is tilted back more. Also, the hat wont sit correctly.


The pants, like most other places on the figure are painted much more sloppily. You can see the blue spilling over onto the white frayed part. The white part itself is much more solid of a color instead of being more rendered.

There are other differences, too. Molding issues like visible seams, the actual torso being less detailed, scuffs and dark spots on the skin, The base not fitting the feet, The feet being way too long and weird looking, etc…

The moral of the story here is to order them from legit sites and that if you find a deal that is too good to be true you’re probably right. Lesson learned.

Killians Brewmaster’s Tasting Kit – Free


Gizmodo is one of my core few websites that I read multiple times a day. Everyday they have a post called Dealzmodo, where they list out deals on various stuff around the web. Within that post there is usually a section called Hobomodo, where they list some stuff that you can get for free. Today they had a tasting kit from Killians that comes with 4 glasses, a bottle opener, and some other materials that show you how you’re supposed to taste beer. Seemed like a pretty good deal for $0. Check out this link for instructions on how to order yours.

Free Bluetooth headset!

When playing online games on the PS3 a headset is pretty much vital. I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 (despite its many exploits on the console) and it sucks because almost no one has a headset. Well here is your chance you lazy bums and cheapskates alike. Over on they have a Soyo Freestyler 500 Bluetooth Headset for $10 with free shipping, and a deal where if you sign up for a new Google Checkout account you get $10 off. This makes the whole thing, a $70 value, free. There is really no excuse. Just make sure when choosing shipping you go down to the value one.