New Medicom Metal Gear Figures


Medicom, makers of the 12″ Raiden and Old Snake figures, are making some new Metal Gear figures. These ones are much smaller, about 6″ tall, but look like they are a lot more detailed than the other 6″ figures that came out. The new set has Vamp, Raiden, and Old Snake from MGS4, and Naked Snake and The Boss from MGS3. Badass. They also look like they are a little more stylized, which is kinda cool.

They come out in September and will retail for 3500 yen (About $35 USD). They’ll be available at Hobby Link Japan.


Counterfeit One Piece Figures (Megahouse) – Spotting Fakes.

I’ve been buying Megahouse One Piece figures for awhile now. It’s been a combination of getting them on ebay and from hobby link and so far I’ve been pretty lucky. A few weeks ago I purchased a Luffy figure from an ebay user with a pretty high (98.8%) positive rating. For around $20, this seemed to good to be true.

It was. I got the figure a few days ago and it is totally a counterfeit. I cracked the cheap plastic base trying to get the feet into the pegs, and noticed that there were several differences. And awayyyyyy we go!


The hair on the counterfeit is a lot less detailed, and the tips aren’t as sharp. You’ll also notice that there is a weird bumpiness to it. The whole figure is made out of a hard shiny plastic instead of a smooth matte vinyl, so you can see there is a lot more specular highlights on the fake. The color of the skin tone is also off (lighter and less red). The eyes and eyebrows are poorly painted, as well. The eye’s lines are thicker, and the eyebrows are thinner. It also looks like the face is slightly higher up on the head in the fake one. Its weird how all this small stuff makes it look so much less like Luffy.


The torso probably has the biggest differences between the genuine Megahouse figure and the fake. The shirt is in an entirely different position and looks a lot lower quality. The hands are further apart and the wrist on his left arm is tilted back more. Also, the hat wont sit correctly.


The pants, like most other places on the figure are painted much more sloppily. You can see the blue spilling over onto the white frayed part. The white part itself is much more solid of a color instead of being more rendered.

There are other differences, too. Molding issues like visible seams, the actual torso being less detailed, scuffs and dark spots on the skin, The base not fitting the feet, The feet being way too long and weird looking, etc…

The moral of the story here is to order them from legit sites and that if you find a deal that is too good to be true you’re probably right. Lesson learned.

One Piece Figures – Bon Clay and Sogeking

Mr. 2 - Bon Clay Figure - Megahouse

If you know me in person then you know that I am a HUUUGE dork. It should then come as no surprise that I collect PVC figures. Being one of my favorite anime series currently, One Piece figures are always held in high regard. Several months ago I found out that they were making a Bon Clay (Mr. 2) figure. He is one of the most ridiculous looking and acting characters possible, but hes so great. I just got an email today from hobbyfan, telling me that my figure would be shipping in a few days. April is turning out to be one of the best months this year. F yeah!

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