The digital TV switch over and you!

By now mostly everyone has heard that analog over-the-air TV stations are going to be shut off after Febuary 17th. Despite a proposed delay the transition is going down as scheduled. This puts us on the doorstep to an analog TV genocide. Well, what the hell does that mean to “Joe the Plumber”?

For any Joe with cable, or satellite it means nothing. For those getting their tube over the airwaves using bunny ears or an antenna you’ll need a converter box if your TV doesnt have a ATSC tuner built in which pretty much all of them have if you’ve bought it in the past few years.

The reason I’m bringing this shit up is because after I moved to my new apartment we ended up using an antenna for awhile before we could get cable installed. I have a sort of vested interest in this stuff now as a result of my limited time using over-the-air stuff. With the economy in shambles I think I may shed my cable TV bill and return to an antenna laiden world of wireless television. With the transition afoot I was wondering if there would be additional channels going up and from what I can tell from antennaweb it looks like i’ll be getting like 10 more digital channels (most of which will be HD) after the transition. I still will be able to get FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS so thats something! Plus, like Nico Bellec I’ll be saving up the monies [cousin]!

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