Killzone 2 (Demo) Impressions

I just finished the Killzone 2 demo and have a few quick thoughts about it. First, The game is phenominal looking. All of the textures, lighting, animations, and effects are masterfully pulled off. The anti-aliasing in the is also pretty impressive for a PS3 game. Killzone 2‘s graphical fidelity goes without saying, though. Since it was announced Killzone 2 has become the poster-child for PS3 graphical prowess, much like Crysis has on the PC, and deservedly so. It is a gorgeous looking game.

One area that has been more mixed is the game’s controls. People seem to think that the momentum and weightiness makes it feel mushy. I didn’t adjust the sensitivity at all yet but to me it just feels like the acceleration is a little bit off. If the initial acceleration was turned up a little I think it would be fine. I’ll have to mess with it to make sure, though. As far as people saying it feels like no other shooter, that is a load of crap. It controls a lot like Call of Duty 4. R2 throws a frag grenade, Clicking on the left stick sprints, R1 fires.

It took me awhile to get used to the cover mechanic. Holding L2 snaps you to a cover object if you’re standing near one. Then you can kind of peek out and fire off some shots. It seems to work well, I’ve just got to get used to using it.

The A.I. seemed pretty good, too. It will try to get behind you, and will use grenades to flush you out if you’ve turtled up somewhere.

I think I’ll play through the demo a few more times and see if I can adjust the sensitivity a little. This demo has me pretty psyched for the full game. I cant wait to play more.


  1. i dont like how it lacks online play and the fact its a 1gb for 2 levels in one difficulty.

  2. I was hoping that there would be a multiplayer beta as well, but honestly for a demo that we get to play as early as this one… I think its worth sacrificing some features to let us get a chance to see what the game is like. As far as the size of the download, doesn’t really bother me.

  3. Seeing as any money put into a pre-order also goes toward the final game, yes I think its worth it. Its not really a sacrifice if you pay the same amount in the end and because I ordered it online, they haven’t charged me anything yet. Also, I think its unreasonable to assume that a demo released a month before the game comes out would have all of the finished games options.

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