This last weekend on Steam Left4Dead was 50% off, which brought the price down to a managable $24.99. Figured it was a good time to pick it up, so I did.  So far, I’ve played the No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns, and both are really great. In No Mercy my pick-up group managed to survive till the helecopter came, but I was killed on my way to it. In Death Toll I played with my friend Kagi, and we all made it to the boat at the end. I am looking forward to playing the remaining 2 campaigns and any future DLC that is coming out (Survival Mode?).

I really like how they force you to stick together, and how intense the horde of zombies can be. I also like that they make use of the flashlight and it isn’t just for show. Not only do you need it to see in certain areas, but if you dont turn it off when approching a witch it can mean bad news for your team.

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