New, New, New Boots


I haven’t been having very good luck with boots. The pair of Aldo boots that I bought at the beginning of December have broken. The sole split where your foot flexes, and the heels are worn down pretty bad. I tried to go see if I could get them fixed, but the shoe repair guy said it’d cost like $50 to fix them, and seeing as I only spent like $80 on them to begin with it didn’t really make much sense. Liz suggested that I buy a really nice pair, so if they did break it would make sense to fix them, plus they’d probably last longer to begin with. I ended up getting some Blokes “Sick Bloke” boots. Hopefully this pair will last more than 4 months.

Update: So I just got the boots in the mail this morning and I’ve been wearing them all day at work. I really like them a lot. They look pretty sharp, and feel like they are really well made. I think their longevity is almost certainly going to trump every pair of boots I’ve owned recently… knock on wood.

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