Killzone 2 Multiplayer Review


I’ve been playing Killzone 2’s multiplayer mode for a week now and figured it was about time to give the old girl a review.

The graphics are amazing, that goes without saying. Screenshots don’t do this game justice. The textures are sharp. The models are detailed. The particle system is crazy, allowing for dust and debris to blow by in the wind. Explosions look natural and dangerous with billowing volumetric smoke and fire. Its all very impressive. The fact that this much detail is in the physics engine, even in multiplayer, is astonishing. Just last night I was running behind my friend Jason, and his character kicked a tire aside as he ran past, I was blown away.

The game’s unlock system, is pretty cool. It makes you earn the ability to use the games multiple classes instead of just giving them to you at the outset like Team Fortress. It gives you something to shoot for instead of just blindly plugging away at dudes with your rifle for hours. You can get new abilities and weapons by achieving small, per round goals, like getting 10 headshots with a pistol. You earn ribbons, which when collected to a pre-set number, earns you medals. These medals are what give you the additional skills.

The game modes, which rotate between, control point, capture the flag, assasination, and deathmatch type games keep the game new and fun for extended play periods. 32 vs. 32 player matches can get pretty crazy on the smaller maps. I want to try some 16 vs. 16 to see if it alleviates some of the grenade frenzy that sometimes occurs.

The controls (especially when set to Alternate 2) are great. I’ve heard lots of people complain about them, but I think they are just being stupid. To me they feel a lot like COD4 but with a little more weight. It translates to it feeling more realistic, for me anyway.

Ultimately, I don’t think the muliplayer is as good as COD4, but its damn close. I’ve only played the single player very briefly, but if its half as good as the multiplayer I’ve got a lot to look forward to.


  1. the story mode is so long and much better than the online. plus watch the intro just thats amazing

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