Qore game vouchers

When Qore first came out I was excited. I thought it would be cool to be able to see developer interviews and get early demos of games that will be coming out in the future. The reality of it is, I was never all that impressed with Qore. There have been several episodes which I’ve really gotten a lot out of, and this month’s Burnout Paradise segment is pretty good. What I’ve been really surprised by recently is all the game vouchers they’ve been emailing me. When I signed up I got Calling All Cars, which was expected. A few weeks ago they emailed me a voucher to download Syphon Filter for the PS1. Then, yesterday I got another voucher for High Velocity Bowling. So far thats like $25 worth of downloadables for a $25 subscription, plus all the demos and video content. Didn’t shake out to be that bad of a deal after all. I may resubscribe at this rate.

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