Street Fighter IV Fanart – Zangief (Work in Progress – Updated March 20)


Decided that I want to do some Street Fighter fanart drawings. My first is Zangief. Here is where I am so far. For a full size click the image above or this link. I’ve posted some more progress shots so…


Here is where I started. I did the head first and got it to a point where I was pretty happy with it. Then I started sketching in his body in various poses till I found one I liked. I was using a Wacom Bamboo to help the process along.


This was my next step. I used a photo reference of myself for the hands and arms, then kind of just blocked in a general flat color for the body. This will be altered later on.


This is the first pass of shading on the skin. Started adding in the scars and some basic shadowing and highlights.


Some more shading, added. mostly on his head and a little bit of adjustment to make his body darker than his arms to give a slight depth to it. Also added his crazy chest hair.


This was a pretty big jump. I added pretty much the entire lower half here. It only has preliminary color blocking for the boots and the leg hair, and I’ve done some quick shading on the legs.

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