Real Triggers – Snap on reality


When going from the PS2 to the PS3 Sony switched up the back 2 shoulder buttons. Instead of being normal buttons like L/R1 they added triggers. While this decision was probably for the best, the shape they chose for the triggers is not so positive. Throwing all ergonomics aside and spitting in the face of rational thought, they felt that convex triggers were the way to go. I don’t need to tell you that certain situations in gaming can get intense, which in this case these convex monstrosities result in slippery ass triggers which your fingers slide right off of.

Enter the Gioteck “Real” Triggers. Assuring you of their existence right in the name, these triggers pop over the existing triggers on your Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3. Once attached they make your triggers concave, so your sweaty little fingers stay right where they should be. For only $5 they pretty much fix my only gripe with the PS3 controller. Neat-O, I cant wait for mine to come in the mail!

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