Resident Evil 5


I hate zombies as much as the next guy. As gross as zombies are, one thing I hate more is people infected with zombie like virus’. Resident Evil 5 gives me the rare opportunity to scratch this itch. Yippe!

Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa, the appearent origins of the series dreaded T Virus from older RE games, and Los Plagus from RE4. In it you take control of Chris Redfield or newcomer Sheva Alomar and bust some heads trying to figure out whats going on.

The big thing with RE5 is that it is now Co-Op, meaning you can play through the whole story mode with someone else. This kind of thing has been around for awhile but its my first time actually using it. Its shitloads of fun. In fact, I’d say its the only way this game should be played. If you don’t do it Co-Op then you’re missing out on a good portion of this game’s enjoyment. You can hand your partner ammo or healing items, or even heal them while they are in battle. If they get into trouble you can run up and do a special move to help them get the zombie guys off of them.

There are also some basic RPG emelments in the game like upgrading, buying, and selling weapons and items. So thats nice too.

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  1. max the magnum then beat the game. then the next time you play your magnum has infinite ammo

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