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I picked up Noise Ninja the other day. You can get it as either a plug-in for photoshop or a stand alone app. As the name implies it stealthily murders noise in your photographs. I took a photo of my Soge King figure at 1600 ISO in low light so I would be sure that it was going to be pretty noisy. The picture above doesn’t really show anything because its been resized, so go hit some jumps for 100% crops!


I guess the best place to start is the beginning. Here is a 100% crop of his face with no noise filter at all.


I pushed the noise filter thing a little harder to see what would happen, there is still some pretty noticable noise but it has smoothed it out quite a bit. The bright red in the lips still has some intense color variance though.


Here is the last crop I tried with the noise reduction stregth maxed out. Its starting to get kind of a pallete knife painting feel to it but there is very little noise to be seen. On normal, non 1600 ISO photography I can see this tool becoming a great asset. I’ve tried it on a few of my night time photos and it seemed to work really well.

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  1. Great post. YOu make it seem so easy to share your experiences. I wish I could do as well in sharing on my blog. I just got it started and sometimes feel stuck on what to share or if it is the right thing to share. what to do?

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