Precision Design DSLR300 Flash Review

A few days ago I mentioned how I had purchased a flash for my camera. Well I’ve had a few days to mess around with it and have a few thoughts. First of all, this flash is BRIGHT. I’ve taken pictures in very low light situations and when I bounced it properly, it came out great. My one complaint is that the flash and the camera dont do as much talking as I imagine an official Olympus Flash would do. The camrea’s flash settings really dont effect how the flash fires at all. How you can controll it is the little switch on the back of the flash itself it has a few different modes that are different strengths.

All that being said, I’m glad I bought it. For the price you really cant beat it. It has a great range of motion so you can pretty much always get it to point where you want it to bounce.


  1. Hey

    Did you use the flash remotely or mounted to your camera? I am looking at getting an entry level flash and was thinking about purchasing the one you discussed. Please let me know! thanks

  2. This flash will work with any digital camera regardless of brand. This flash works simply as a “slave to the in-camera flash thus having no communication to the camera. It flashes when it senses a flash coming from the camera.

  3. If I bought two of these, could one function as a master on the camera, and then have another as a slave that fires from signal from the master?

  4. I agree with the Flash– It is Bright– I’m trying to figure out how to get it to flash when it is on Manual Mode– The only time I can get it to flash now is when it’s on the green– And it is bright for sure– And I am guessing that I will have to be shooting shots one at a time– Not thinking that it can do rapid mode- Still trying to figure out how to work it

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