iPhone 3Gs Review


For a long time now I’ve had an iPod touch (1st gen, and 2nd gen), the iPhone’s semi-retarded cousin. With the release of the 3Gs I decided that it was time to move up to the real deal, so yesterday I stopped by an AT&T store near work and picked up a 32GB one. Half way through the transaction the computer crashed (just my luck) and I ended up getting charged twice for the phone and the apple care plan. Awesome. I am still getting that double charge sorted out.

I love the device itself, despite the trouble that getting it has been. It is a great iPod, movie player, GPS, and a decent phone to boot. I’ve noticed that the amount of signal I get can be finicky. Sometimes I’ll have 5 bars and other times I’ll only get 1 in the same exact place. Overall I get better signal in my house and at work and most of Chicago has 3G so I can browse the internet and download shit quickly no matter where I am. Its pretty convenient.

The camera is kind of weak in low light, but outside or in well lit interiors it works fine. I am pretty impressed with the video and the auto focus and tap to focus stuff.

Last night I was playing around with the voice recognition stuff and its pretty awful… oh well, I’ll never use that anyway.

I have been working on getting some videogame ringtones on there. So far I have stuff from crystalis, mario 2, zelda 2, and team fortress 2. I found this website that lets you convert an mp3 into the correct file type for iPhone ringtones then you just drag it into the ringtones section of itunes.

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