Twitter, Free Stuff, and Comic Con

While I do plan to do a full post about Comic Con, today I just wanted to write a quick post about getting free stuff with the use of twitter. So far I’ve managed a free dinner for 3, a free Killzone 2 map pack– a decent haul, but nothing amazing. Today I think I’ve officially bested my previous “freebies”.

Today while waiting in line for the LOST panel (which was amazing by the way), Liz and I were talking to the guy in front of us. He mentioned having won an HD camcorder simply by replying to a twitter update  by “theIHC“. I added them to my followed list and didn’t really think to much of it. A few hours later while waiting for the James Jean panel to start I checked twitter and saw that theIHC had posted a “first four to respond wins a prize” update. Unfortunately it was 7 minutes ago. I tried anyway and sure enough a few minutes later they sent me a DM saying that I’d won and that to claim my prize I had to get over to them in 20 minutes. I ran out of the panel room and across the convention center, outside, and across the street and BLAM! Brand new Sony MHS-PM1 HD video camera. I love twitter.

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