Destiny Beta Thoughts

I’ve been playing a lot of the Destiny’s beta over the past week. Above is a video of me exploring and running into a Spider tank. This is before I really figured out how to fight them, and now I can take these things out without much trouble, but it was quite a struggle for me when I recorded this.

Seeing how far the game has come since alpha has been really getting me excited. I really like the intro cutscenes that they’ve added and all of the story setup now. In the alpha they just kind of dropped you into the world, and it was a little weird. Even though the beta’s level cap is set to 8, there is still a pretty good feeling of progression. From what I’ve been hearing recently, some stuff from the beta may carry over to final release. Especially rewards secured on the final day of the beta. I have also been doing a lot more PVP since the Iron Banner events started happening, and I am getting really into that too. Its going to be a painful couple months waiting for the final game to come out.

Speaking of Iron Banner, I wish the lvl 20 hand cannon I unlocked would carry forward. So cruel.

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