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I’ve had a bad back since being a teenager. Competitive swimming left me with small stress fractures in the lower vertebrae of my spine. Getting hit by a car didn’t help the situation either – point being, my back isn’t great. Over the past couple months my old mattress had been making it abundantly clear that it was no longer cutting the mustard. Each morning was met with a painful sitting up period where my back felt as if it was crushing into itself followed by a painful standing period. Once vertical, I’d stumble out of the bedroom gripping my lower back and begin my morning routine.

I’d heard about memory foam mattresses and how great they are, but that those benefits came with some steep costs. Namely trapping heat making for a hot sleep, and a weird feeling of being enveloped. Neither of these things sounded like something I want any part of – my search continued. Then one day at work a co-worker told me that a friend of his had bought a mattress from a sleep startup called Casper. I went over to their site at (which is pretty slick looking) and read up on it. The mattress is made in New York and consists of a memory foam core, with a latex top. They say this adds more bounce to the mattress which benefits “bed sports”, sleeps cooler, and provides the much needed support someone with say a 3 minute standing process each morning may benefit from. The best part about the mattress is that there is a 40 day return policy where if you don’t like it you can have them come pick it up within 40 days for a refund.


I ordered a queen size for $850 (a super reasonable price as far as I’m concerned). My friend ended up ordering one right after me and she put down my name and email address and said I was her referrer, and they gave her $75 off and gave me $75 cash. Not bad. When the bed came, it arrived in a relatively small box I opened it up and within minutes the mattress had inflated and expanded to its full size. There was a little bit of a plastic smell to it (called off gassing I would learn later). But that went away within a couple hours. It was firmer than I had expected, but felt comfortable.

It’s been over 40 days since I received my Casper, and I am pretty happy with it. I find myself falling asleep faster on it than on my old mattress. I no longer have the lengthy and painful standing ritual in the mornings, either. I still wake up with back pain on occasion, but its not nearly as bad as it was on my old bed. And its no where near as often. I’m pretty impressed with it.

My girlfriend’s experience is a little different than mine, though. Her back is fine, but after sleeping on the Casper she discovered that she was waking up with lower back pain. According to her research it may be because on foam mattresses people tend to move around less. So if you fall asleep in a position where you are not aligned you may have some issued. I emailed the Casper customer support line telling them that our 40 day trial period was already over, but we were having some issues with the mattress. In addition to extending the length of our trial period the representative is shipping a gel mattress topper (at no cost to me), saying that it could help with her back issues and that he is sorry that she is having pain.

Last night she experimented with putting a pillow between her knees to keep everything lined up and said she felt a lot better in the morning so I am hoping that this topper will also help. I am blown away but their customer service, and genuine caring about their customers. I’ll update this post to let ya know the effects of the gel topper on both myself and my girlfriend, but I have high hopes.

Looks like Casper has changed the way they do the referral program. Use this link to get $50 off, and it will kick me back $50 as well. You can also get it on amazon with this link.

UPDATE: So the topper they sent us was a Milliard Gel Infused Memory Foam from amazon. It’s great! It adds a very soft upper layer similar to pillow top mattresses. It is made with gel infused memory foam, so its supposed to have cooling properties (which I haven’t noticed really, but it doesn’t seem to trap heat which I am fine with). My girlfriend hasn’t complained of back issues since the first night we added the pad to the bed so mission accomplished. New bed forever!

UPDATE 2: Looks like Casper has changed the way they do the referral program. Use this link to get $75 off, and it will kick me back $50 as well. They also seem to have extended the 40 day trial to 100 days.

UPDATE 3: A commenter on the blog said that they are no longer giving out toppers. It was something that Casper was doing pre-2016, and is no longer something they do. If you buy a Casper now, they likely wont give you a topper if you complain. Can still buy one, though.

UPDATE 4: Casper mattresses are now also available on amazon. Same 100 night at home trial.


  1. Are you still liking the mattress? How good of a job does it do keeping you cool, or rather not trapping heat – that is a big concern of mine. I have had my eye on Casper since they debuted, I’m so close to pulling the trigger. I will definitely list you as a referral when I make the purchase.

  2. I still think its a great mattress. I don’t think it feels like it has active cooling, but it doesn’t really seem to trap heat, which is something that I was worried about as well, as I sleep pretty hot anyway.

  3. Awesome. Yeah, I don’t care about “active cooling” as that sounds like some kind of made up feature to sell a mattress 🙂 …just wanted to make sure it didn’t sleep crazy hot as I live in Florida and also sleep somewhat hot normally. I’m probably going to order in the next week.

  4. Thanks again for the comments and the update Kyle. I just ordered and got the $50 off, you should see your referral bonus as well.

  5. We’re in Phoenix and were definitely worried about a foam bed being too hot. The Casper is not though! We have been pleasantly surprised by its cushiony coolness. My husband and I might look into the gel foam topper you talked about… That might seal the deal for us. Thanks for the info!

    This guy’s review / blog helped us take the plunge to buy the mattress

  6. Kyle

    My wife is experiencing the same as your girl friend. I called Casper last night and they are sending me a topper as well and no charge. I hope it works because I love the bed. I am in south Florida and have no issues with this mattress getting hot

  7. If anyone out there is thinking about making a Casper purchase please let me know. I’d love to refer you so I can get my referral link. I’ve owned mine now for 2 weeks and I’m already in love.

  8. Kyle, I like the picture at the top of your post showing the mattress on top of an upholstered platform. It is exactly what I am looking for. Would you be willing to share the brand of the platform and where you found it?

  9. Ok, you all…It’s been a year. Do you still like it? Are there any impressions? I am a female with heavy hips apparently and am worried about wearing a divot or soft spot where I trap more heat around the hips and am heavier. Any thoughts?
    email me please

  10. I still love it! When shipped to you it has something like 1500 lbs of pressure keeping it small. The weight of a person doesn’t seem to effect it that much. They say the foam wont start to break down for 10 years or so. 😀

  11. Hi, I l saw your post when I was looking for a new mattress and decided to buy. I contacted the company about a mattress topper–and was first told we needed to try the mattress without a topper for a few weeks because it takes some adjustment. Then I forgot about it for a few months before contacting the company again. I was told they had a mattress topper program but it wasn’t actually started before 2016, and it had ended. I actually sent them a link to this review so they could see it was obviously pre-2016. It was only after I said that I was going to comment that this review was out-of-date, that they acknowledged they sent out toppers pre-2016.

    For anyone reading this review more recently, just know that they no longer offer free toppers (casper brand or otherwise). And frankly, the whole experience of being essentially called a liar for inquiring left a bad taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t purchase again as a result.

  12. @Samantha Yeah, When I got the mattress topper it didn’t feel like a corporate policy to pass them out. It just seemed like something nice they were doing for me since I was already out of my trial period and we did try to adjust to it. Maybe the program was started after this, but they still did it time to time before that. I put an update on the article saying that its no longer something they do. Thanks for getting the word out there.

  13. It seems that there are two different toppers that have been used by Casper. I ordered a mattress in late 2015, I found it a bit firm and was also asked to give it a month to get used to it. When I requested the topper in early 2016, it came at no charge, and was made of the same latex that the mattress is topped with. The toppers that are referred to in previous posts were gel infused memory foam.
    The latex topper is incredible but I believe they charge for it now.

  14. What is the coolest topper for the mattress? I love the mattress but it does sleep a little hot for me. I am still within my trial period so I would like a topper even if I have to purchase it.

  15. This mattress sleeps hot :/. I’m still in the trial period and really would like to keep this mattress but I’m not sure at this point. It is very comfortable but the hot factor may seal the deal. I kept the box but wondering once it’s open how the heck do you return it? Anyway, I usually never take the time to write reviews but I googled to see if others were having the same issue and it looks like a few others are. A friend has a pillowtop/foam mattress that she bought and it does not sleep hot but quite a bit more, I think around $1800.00. I think I will go that route, a good nights sleep is worth the extra money.

  16. Bought a Casper for our vacation home years ago. My lower back hurts every time I sleep on it. I can’t wait to go back to our other home to sleep. Casper no longer sends out the topper and said that it takes a few nights for your body to get used to it. HUH? I sleep on it for weekends and am almost immobile when I wake up. Do not buy unless you can use it for consecutive nights during the money back guarantee period.

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