Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Review

I am a fan of boots. For the past couple years I’ve been oscillating back and fourth between the Red Wing 6″ Moc Toe Boots, and some Arrow Moc Lace Boots. I love them both, but also wanted something with lines that were a little cleaner. I had considered some other contenders such as the Red Wing Iron Rangers, and the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots, but in the end decided to go with the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots.

Why? Well there are a couple reasons. I really like that the Wolverines have speed hooks for lacing up the top 3 which makes putting them on much faster than something where you have to lace all the way up. I also really like that the 1000 miles use Horweeen Leather. In my opinion Horween makes some of the finest leather being produced today, so that was a big influencer.

I went with the Cordovan no. 8 color, which despite the name is not actual Shell Cordovan — a very dense and almost water-proof leather that comes from horse hide. These boots would have been much more expensive if they had been made of actual shell cordovan. There is a limited edition shell cordovan version, if thats what you’re into, but those retails for around $750.  Beautiful, yes. But Woof. Instead is Horween’s Chromexcel colored to look like a style of Cordovan. Chromexcel is no slouch of a leather either, though. It takes Horween about a month to produce each piece, and there are 89 different steps to complete it. I really like the no. 8 color. Its a really awesome chestnut color almost. I cant wait to see how it ages.

I am also a big fan of the waxed laces. I’ve had round boot laces on my Red Wings, and Leather laces on my moccasins, and I definitely prefer the look of waxed cotton laces over both of those. They just look right when paired with this style of boot especially.

After wearing the boots for about a week there seems to have been zero break in time, and they feel comfortable right away. I remember when I first got my Red Wings it was about a week before I could walk more than half a mile in them without my heels being ripped to shreds. I’m pretty happy about that, seeing as I like my heels in tact.

If I had to level one criticism against the 1000 Mile Boot it would be that the insole is only a half insole. Not a huge deal, but it would have been nice.

Overall, I think these boots are worth every penny, and have no doubt that I will have them for decades to come, and that they will only get more comfortable, and look better with age.

Like what you hear? I’m pretty sure you wont be disappointed.


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