Alienware Alpha i5 Review


I know they are kinda old at this point, but I just recently picked up an Alienware Alpha i5 and I love it. I wanted a way for my girlfriend and I to play computer games without having to get bootcamp working on my iMac. Most of what we play on the PC aren’t bleeding edge games anyway, but it does have capability to play most current games with pretty respectable settings. Bootcamp is fine when it works, but its kind of annoying having to restart to do anything in it. Even worse, if you have to restore your OS for any reason it just totally wipes it away (which I learned the hard way).

With those dark days behind me I now can play stuff like Rocket League and Overwatch on this teeny tiny computer. I haven’t done a ton of testing on it yet, but I’ve seen people’s videos on youtube showing Overwatch getting 60fps on it. Rocket League looks like its running at 60fps without much problem. It is also really really easy to overclock the graphics card with MSI Afterburner, which I did, just cause why not. The one thing I was sort of worried about was the hard drive, but i guess they switched up the default hard drive awhile ago which is now 7200 RPM over the old 5400 RPM one that used to be in there and it seems to work great.

Form factor and design wise there is a lot to love about the Alpha. Its tiny at just 7.87″ x 7.87 x 2.17″ so it takes up very little space on the desk. I like that the software on the Alpha lets you change the colors of the lights on the front. I sort of wish you could set it up like Razer Chroma stuff and have it slowly transition between colors, though. It feels well built, and I love that it has a tiny compartment for a USB on the bottom that you can use to put the dongle for a steam controller without having to take up one of the more accessible USB ports on the front or back.

I am super impressed with the Alienware Alpha. Should you be looking to invest in one click my link and I’ll get a small kickback. Yay!

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