Best Hard Drive for PS4 Pro

I ordered a the PS4 Pro as soon as it was announced. I use my PS4 for everything, VR, watching netflix, watching crunchyroll, playing games, streaming — Basically all of my entertainment gets to me through my PS4. I decided that because I use it so heavily I would drop some cash and make it as good as it can be. I just ordered a 1tb Samsung 850 Evo. One of the major things that convinced me is this article from 4gamer & this neogaf thread, which talk about how the PS4 Pro uses SATA 3.0 and therefore is expected to get even better SSD performance than the OG PS4. I’ll report back once I have it installed to talk about how much faster stuff loads 😀

The reason I went with the Samsung 850 Evo is because basically everyone says its is the best cost to performance SSD out there.

Update: Yup. I’ve had the SSD installed for awhile now, and it totally rules. It loads most stuff about 2x faster than the standard Hard Drive.

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