Drawing – Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo - Sketch

In honor of Weezer’s red album coming out I decided to draw a picture of Rivers on the train the other day. Last night I hooked up my scanner and started inking. Looking at the picture on my work monitor, I am gonna need to recalibrate at home to make it more warm looking. I’ll probably edit this post as I get more and more close to being done with it.

All of the images can be clicked to see full sized ones.

Updated on June 01, 2008

Rivers Cuomo - Sketch

First round of inking and coloring. Posted May 30, 2008

rivers update

Second round of inking and coloring. I changed the guitar and hands. Legs to come, and will likely be changed as well. I’d like to include the feet in the final one. Posted May 31, 2008

Rivers Cuomo Round 3

Here is round 3. I started adding a background, and sketching in the legs. I also put some more knobs and such on the guitar.

The drawing is coming along now.

It’s really starting to come together now. Made some additions to the background and changed the overall tone to a bit darker. Painted over the photo of the Weezer W. Finished up the legs and shoes. and added more doodads and shading to the guitar.  still need to do more shading on the microphone stand and add a bunch of cables and stuff. Posted June 01, 2008

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