SingStar Review


Today I bought SingStar for the PS3. The SingStore is great (Liz and I already bought 3 songs), the microphones also feel really solid, and the interface for the actual game is really awesome as well. It is a really fun game too. The songs that it comes with are really impressive containing Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, Weezer, Outkast, and Smashing Pumpkins.

As far as actually tracking the voice it seems like its really pretty accurate and if you’re fucking up its going to let you know.

New songs are only $1.50 and they come with the HD music video and everything. Plus there are already like 200 extra songs on the store, so if you don’t like the default tracks you can get some more for pretty cheap. As far as karaoke games go I’d have to say that SingStar is as good as I can imagine. If you like karaoke games, or have a lot of parties, I’d totally recommend it.

I’d recommend it!


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