Firefox 3 (RC1) is Delicious

firefox rc1

I am a pretty savvy guy when it comes to the web. fact. So it’s been kind of bugging me that I haven’t been able to upgrade to Firefox 3. You see, I’ve become hopelessly reliant on several firefox addons, with Delicious at the top of the list. I drew a line in the sand yesterday and decided to throw caution to the wind and upgrade anyway. Afterwards, I scoured the internet for a beta of the Delicious plugin and after only a few minutes… success! Yahoo has released a beta of their addon for people looking to experience the new firefox without being hopelessly crippled and unable to see their universal favorites list.

Now, for a little review of firefox 3 after the break.

First of all, I really like the new look. I’ve heard that regardless of your OS it does its best to match its buttons and such. As a result, it looks much more natural in Windows Vista than previous versions of the software.

All of the upgrades are not merely cosmetic, however. When typing a URL into the top box, it now has an auto complete of previous web pages, as one might expect, but now it no longer matters if you know the whole URL. Lets say you cant remember what the website’s name was you were on, but you know that there was “reviews” in the URL somewhere. You could type “reviews” and it would show up in the list. I can see that being pretty useful.

I’ve noticed is that Firefox 3 RC1 seems to be a lot more stable in Vista than before. I used to get “Firefox has stopped working” errors quite often, and havent gotten a single one since I upgraded.

It also seems faster.

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