Weezer (Red Album) Review

Weezer is a band that experienced great success early on in their careers and have been trying to get back to those lofty heights but failing to meet fan expectations with each subsecquent album. With their newest, the Self titled Red Album may be a line in the sand. For me this album is the best thing they’ve put out since 1996’s Pinkerton.

The album bursts out of the gates with everything from “Troublemaker” to “Dreamin'” being pretty good with highlights like “Greatest Man” and “Pig”. The album then takes a turn with “Thought I Knew”. “Automatic” the best of the band sung tracks begins the acent and the album finishes pretty strong.

If they got rid of all the songs fronted by other members of the band I would have given this album a B, but each time one comes up it feels like my ipod is revolting against me and forcing me to listen to some other band before returning to the weezer tunes.

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