PSN store update 6/05/2008

Qore - PSN

This week’s PSN update is up. It went up later than normal and contains a bunch of good stuff including their new service Qore. Qore is pretty cool. I subscribed to the year subscription and got Calling all Cars for free. After watching the first episode, I like it and look forward to more. The only problem I have is that every time you go into a section there is like a 30 second ad. Annoying for something you’re paying for. Anyway, the video features are pretty great for people like me who love documentaries and interviews.

-Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 – $9.99
-Novastrike – $9.99
-Qore – Episode 1 – $2.99 or $24.99 for a year (13 eps.) subscription – includes open beta download code for SOCOM: Confrontation
-Battlefield: Bad Company demo
-Civilization: Revolution demo
-NASCAR ’09 demo

-Guitar Hero III – “God of War Theme” track – free
-Guitar Hero III – Motorhead track pack – $6.25

Rock Band tracks:
-Jimmy Buffet Pack$1.99 for each or $5.49 for the pack
“Margaritaville” (master – new original recording)
“Cheeseburger in Paradise” (master – new original recording)
“Volcano” (master – new original recording)

-Disturbed (from the newly released CD) Pack – $0.99 for each or $2.99 for the pack
“Indestructible” (master)
“Inside the Fire” (master)
“Perfect Insanity” (master)

-Commando 3
-Dead Space – “Story”
-Fracture – “BTS – Story”
-Hail to the Chimp – “3AM”
-Guitar Hero III – “God of War Add-On”
-LEGO: Indiana Jones – “Launch”
-Linger in Shadows
-Resident Evil 5 – “Spring Trailer”

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