GLaDOS: Portal’s secret.

Still Alive

Over at there is a pretty interesting article on GLaDOS and her physical form in the PC/360/PS3 game Portal. The article goes into depth about how GLaDOS’s structure is meant to look like a bound woman hanging upside down in a straight jacket. I really only saw a tangle of wires and steel when I fought her, but his illustration makes it very clear. In the dev commentary (which I havent gone all the way through) I guess they say that they indeed tried to use female shapes when constructing her.

Pretty cool, hunh?

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  1. Yes, lots of people believe that GLaDOS is Justine’s future body. In the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s DLC, that main character Justine puts her amnesic self through multiple tests, just like in portal, seems very humorless and sadistic, and in one of the endings she makes a a comment saying that she wants to send a letter that was ‘years late’ and she just wanted to let them know she was ‘still alive’, a portal reference. I also believe that the straitjacket comes from her having a mental illness and her father and others wanting her to go to an asylum. Also pretty cool!

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