Get Smart Movie Review

I’ve read some reviews that are shitting all over Get Smart for being more about action than comedy and not sticking to the strictly comedic blundering spy formula of the 60’s television show. I gotta say, I couldn’t disagree more. This movie’s comedy may be slightly less slapstick than the show, but its smart, and funny. Don’t get me wrong, there is slapstick. Like Steve Carell skewering himself with his pocket knife’s harpoon gun trying to escape from ziptie handcuffs, or a blundered trip through a room full of lasers.

In addition to the purely slapstick, Get Smart has a much smarter variety of comedy going on in the background. Liz and I both laughed out loud when the director of the good guy spy agency “Control” yelled, “Nuclear!” correcting the President’s “Nucular” which is always something that annoys her in movies and she has me noticing now.

The story is pretty standard spy fare, but  Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway really sell it. Carell is pretty much the spy version of Micheal Scott from his show The Office, which is awesome. The rest of the cast is all pretty good with some pretty great people in cameos and other minor rolls.

Get Smart is a great summer movie, and delivers comedy and action in one neat little package. Sure its no action epic like Indy or Batman, but I think in a summer brimming with big names Get Smart can hold its own.

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