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A lot of video game developers have been trying to be more open with fans. Being someone that is extremely interested in the goings on behind the scenes at developers, I’d love to see more. Some really good podcasts/blogs include Criterion Games [podcast], Insomniac Games [podcast], and until recently the Kojima Productions Report [podcast – now discontinued?]. Listening/Reading these, you can really tell that they care about not only marketing their game, but also the video game landscape in general. Insomniac Games Full Moon Show is fantastic. In addition to talking about Ratchet and Clank and now Resistance 2, they interview other developers and talk about the roles of various members of the team. They also talk about other games that they’ve been playing and are interested in. It’s great to see openness and honesty like that. In the end, it works as a marketing tool as well. I wasnt really interested in Resistance 2, but after hearing them talk about it, and how excited they are it made me at least want to see it in action and give it a shot.

It upsets me when you can tell that a developer starts a blog or podcast soley to push their wares. In some recent entries like the Team Fortress 2 blog, it seems like they are just hopping on the wagon in a kind of “us too” marketing effort to extend their game’s life. I mean, I love TF2, but they havent really posted anything for the past few days since the day of their blog’s release and it makes the blog seem kind of stupid and pointless. If you’re going to do a press release every 3 months Kotaku and Joystiq will cover it. You dont need a blog for that.


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