The New Couch

When I moved to Chicago I bought a couch from IKEA. It served its purpose fairly well, but when I moved out of my old apartment in Uptown to where I live now I somehow managed to bend  one of the metal things the legs screw into. Couple that with all the stains on it, and its in a pretty sad state.

Camden Sofa

For awhile now my girlfriend Liz has been urging me to buy a new couch. Today I did. Its a Camden Style sofa from Crate and Barrel. We decided on the Tobacco color. Its kind of a goldish tan/brown which will go well with my dark furniture, brown rug, and green pillows. I realize that this post may be too manly for some, but I’m excited about my new couch none the less. All thats left is the 6-8 weeks for them to make it (the color we chose wasnt one that they stock so they are made to order), and delivery.

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