The Dark Knight Movie Review

Let me preface this by first saying that I really loved Batman Begins. That out of the way, I think The Dark Knight is a better movie in every single way possible.

Heath Ledger blows every past Joker out of the water (including animated versions and such). He perfect for the role, and the writing and plot surrounding his character is so smart, and brilliantly planned. The bank heist in the beginning helps set the stage with what you should expect from him for the rest of the movie. You really get to see how fantastic of a villain The Joker is, and why he deserves to be Batman’s nemesis. I liked the treatment of Joker’s back story, and the nods to the graphic novel “The Killing Joke” in which the Joker tells Batman his “origins” and that he believes anyone could become just like him if they had one really bad day.

Oh, and the disappearing pencil trick was awesome.

I’ve been listening to and reading a lot of reviews and a lot of the complaints about this movie are the same ones that were raised for the first movie. People don’t like how Christian Bale speaks when dressed as Batman. I think it totally makes sense, though. In a world where people aren’t retarded (Superman Universe). He needs to not use his normal voice so people won’t recognize him. Bruce does interact with all of the same people as Batman, so I think it just adds another layer of realism. It doesn’t matter that it sounds forced. Its not Bruce’s real voice either.

I think that this movie was not only the best superhero movie to date, but also the best movie of the summer so far. It should definitely be a contender for Best Picture. If Heath Ledger doesn’t win Best Actor then he was robbed for much more than just his life. He was absolutely amazing. Whoever plays joker next is going to have a pretty fucking hard time filling his shoes. Go see this movie.


  1. It was good movie, it didn’t live up to the hype with me. Joker was great, two face didn’t interested me at all and i kept checking my watch last 30-45mins = /

  2. What did you think about Maggie Gyllanhaal taking over Katies Holmes’ role as Rachel Dawes? I liked Maggie’s performance much better but I still find it slightly annoying that were supposed to think of her as the same person. I think Rachel could have been written out and Maggie could have played a new love interest regarding the circumstances. I also give the movie an A+. Oh and by the way, hi!

  3. Hey Crystal,
    Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird how we weren’t supposed to notice it was a different person. I tend to like Maggie better than Katie Holmes as a general rule so for me it was an upgrade. I think they wanted the whole tension thing between Harvey Dent and Batman and that wouldnt have worked as well without her being Batman’s ex. I’m sure there are plenty of ways they could have gotten around that, though.

  4. it was great i knew i guy who worked on set he said its longer and better in imax theaters. he also just finish johnny deps new movie public enemies. Chicago is great since its used in wanted,dark night,public enemies, and of course blues brother and many more!

  5. This is irrelevant to the movie but I find it weird that Christian Bale does American interviews speaking with an American accent and British interviews with his native British accent. I know it’s done for movie roles all the time but I’ve never seen actors change the way they speak for an interview. I also hope he was in the bat suit when he slapped his mother.

  6. I think it’s hilarious that his mom is a “part-time clown”. I mean, she basically had it coming.

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