Resistance 2 Beta Invite in Qore Episode 3

I just got an email from Sony that says in Episode 3 of Qore there will be info on DC Universe, Lego Batman, and the really big one, An invite to the Resistance 2 Beta which it says is scheduled for release in September. Nice. My Qore subscription is looking better and better. The buyer’s remorse is starting to fade with every beta invite and early demo.

Episode 3 of Qore should be hitting PSN on the August 7th.


  1. i take it you have the yearly subscription then. i am still waiting for me socom beta that i was supposed to get in ep 1

  2. Yeah, I have the yearly subscription. I figured it wasn’t too bad of a price considering it came with Calling All Cars, which I wanted to try anyway. Yeah, its kind of weird that they don’t let you know when the SOCOM beta is supposed to be out. I’m looking forward to playing that too.

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