Call of Duty 4 Review

I just finished COD4 and the credits are rolling. While hadn’t played any of the other Call of Duty games, I really enjoyed this one. The S.A.S. missions with Soap, Gaz, and Capt. Price were probably my favorite ones I  and especially liked the mission in the gillie suit. That one was awesome. I also liked the final USMC mission. That one had some pretty powerful imagery. I cant think of another game that has done anything like that. The graphics in the game were pretty good too, but I wish that the shadows were a little softer. And some of the bump mapping looked a little weird. Aside from that it was beautiful.

Ah shit! Another playable part after the credits! Whew. That was pretty cool too. Ha ha ha I wasn’t expecting that!

The story isn’t anything fantastic, but it does get you to care about your team over the course of the game. I also liked how you’re the one that gets to take out the main bad guy at the end when Capt. Price slides you the gun.

This game is absolutely fantastic and I think that I’ll be playing its online mode for a long time still. If you haven’t played this game already go pick it up. Its probably one of the best games so far this generation.

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