Comic book love continues.

I went to 2 different Borders bookstores after work today and the only book that really stood out to me was The Walking Dead but it was kind of expensive so I held off. When I got home I went onto amazon to see if there was any price difference.  Walking Dead 1 was like $10 cheaper than at borders. In order to get amazon’s free shipping I also picked up The Walking Dead 2, and Umbrella Academy.

I had seen Umbrella Academy at a comic book shop near my house the other day and the art looked really cool. Some of the covers are done by James Jean, of whom I am a fan. I had held off at the time because I wanted to know if it was any good before buying it. I guess its written by the dude in My Chemical Romance (what I assume is some shitty emo band from what I’ve heard), but every review I’ve read of it says its surprisingly awesome.

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