A fucking ray of light from heaven.

Being a web designer can be pretty shitty sometimes. By sometimes I mean when checking your site it Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 from now on). IE6 plays shuffle board with your beautifully layed out divs and ps resulting in a jumbled mess for which you must write a new CSS file, or use other tricks, to get the one that SHOULD work working.

The second problem with IE6 is that it cant simultaniously exist on the same machine as IE7 is installed on… UNTIL NOW! I am working on a freelance site and not having multiple computers around with various installs of IE like at work is making testing it nigh impossible. This morning I did a little search on google for a solution and on top of the pile of installing virtual PC bullshit with windows XP images there was this.

Its called IETester, and is just that. It lets you test websites in IE 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 beta. It’s probably stupid that im this excited about it, but hot damn. Finally.


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