Google Chrome

My first thought after hearing about Google Chrome was “why?!”. While that question still hasn’t been completely answered, being a web designer/developer I figured I should give it a shot and, begrudgingly, I kinda like it.

I couldn’t deal with there not being a home button on the top bar so I turned that, and the bookmarks bar on first thing. Once that shit was out of the way I started browsing my normal list of sites. The interface is clean and has neat little animations that slide menus in and out. I really like the overlay thing that pops up on the bottom left of the screen when you mouse over a link. And the little animation that plays when a download starts is pretty cool as well.

The best thing this browser has going for it, and something I think every other browser should now do, is to treat each tab as a separate process. If something crashes a certain web page instead of losing everything just that tab dies. It’s a pretty smart way to do things.

I doubt that Chrome will become my browser of choice (still far too reliant on firefox add-ons), but at the very least it may help push some interesting innovations to Firefox and IE.

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