I’m listening to 1up yours…

Fallout 3

…and they are talking about Fallout 3. I am really excited for this game. I’ve loved Bethesda games since Daggerfall, but I’ve never tried any of the other Fallout games. I cant wait to see more on this.

They were just talking about how the game opens and it starts at the moment of your birth. The doctor then brings out a machine that “predicts” how you’ll look when you’re grown. At this point you do the basic character creation stuff and when you’re done a procedurally generated father (based on the choices you made on your character’s creation) walks out from the shadows.

Stuff like this is really great game design. It sounds like the whole game has really well integrated, interesting ways to do the “tutorial” type stuff. The new screenshots are really impressive as well. CAN NOT WAIT.

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