Dead Space Hands On

Last night my friend Rob gave me a ride to pick up Socom Confrontation and Deadspace. When I got home I immediately started charging the Official Playstation Headset that came with Socom, I’ll talk about that some other time.

Popping Dead Space in, one of the first things I noticed aside from the graphics being amazing was the sound design. Wearing headphones you can tell where sounds are coming from which is very useful when fighting space monsters. The ambient sounds are meant to creep out and confuse and they work. The ship’s creaks, and groans offer up just as much tension as a necromorph popping out of a vent. One room that really impressed me had this automatic door that was broken and was opening and closing over and over again, and slamming into the wall. 1 room away you can still hear it but its all muffled and echoing and sounds like a humanoid beating franticly on a wall.

The game is super fun, controls really well, and I really like the upgrade system. It works almost like the Final Fantasy X sphere grid where you buy nodes and move along branching paths of un-lockable attributes (eg: +Damage, or +Capacity). Where it differs, is each item has its own grid of nodes to unlock. Pretty cool.

I’m generally a pretty large wuss when it comes to scary games, but I think that in this case I may foce myself to finish the game because it seems so interesting.

Oh, and note to self: When enemies are piling into a room dont back into a corner with a vent.

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