Prestige? More like… Shitige!

The saying “If its too good to be true, it probably is” generally is pretty on point. Last night I was looking for some sweet deals on the camera I want and I found one. This place called Prestige Camera (which I wont link to for reasons i’ll explain shortly) had a deal on an Olympus Evolt E-520 that comes with a high end 14-54mm Zuiko Digital lens for a suuuper low price of $693 (the body is normally around $511 and the lens is around $399 from amazon which is the best price for both that I’ve been able to find). Something about “Prestige Camera” rubbed me wrong though so I did a little snooping around.

A few simple google searches reveal tons of horror stories including several 1 star yelp reviews where the reviewers describe bait and switch, forced upselling, refusal to cancel orders, etc. I guess this place also does business under other company names, which in itself is pretty shady (A&M Photo, Broadway Photo, Cameratopia, Digital Liquidators LLC, Ghu LLC, Preferred Photo, Regal Camera, Tronicity).

It’s safe to say that I wont be buying from them, despite the “really good savings”.

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