New Gametrailers TV – Force Unleashed

force unleashed

In this week’s Gamegtrailers TV Geoff goes to Lucas Arts to see Force Unleashed. You’d better sit down for this, because the team kind of let slip that (gasp) you’ll be able to choose between good and evil! Imagine that! Nevertheless, This has to be one of the games that I am most excited to play. It looks ridiculously fun. They showed some more gameplay of the Vader parts, and some screens of what you look like as a “Sith Lord”. In the action figure section they have a few shots where you can see the main character as a Jedi Knight as well.

There was also some more information revealed about the storyline. I guess that vader is taking on an apprentice to train him and then pair up with him to overthrow the Emperor. Obviously this doesn’t happen seeing as Episodes IV,V, and VI exist and the Emperor is live and well.

Lucas Art’s tech for face mo-cap seems really good, as well. I like that they scan in real people’s faces and use those same faces for the animation. It seems like that would yield some pretty good results.

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