Oh My God. Full Extent of LBP MGS Level Pack. 12/24


OK, so we knew about the 4 MGS costumes including Meryl, Raiden, Screaming Mantis, and Snake. These costumes are going to be $1.99 a piece or $5.99 for all 4 of them in a bundle.

Over on the Playstation Blog they just posted a video that details everything that the level pack will come with. In addition to 5 new story levels it the level pack ($5.99) comes with The Paintinator, 12 new trophies, stickers (72), materials (12), decorations (10), and objects (18) and:

  • 1 new background music track
  • 3 new interactive music tracks
  • a paint switch
  • 1 new Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’
  • New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’
  • New Laser Sight ‘gadget’
  • New functioning Searchlight lamp – for those special ‘exclamation mark’ moments

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