Makeshift Light Table


I have been working on a freelance illustration project in my off time for the past few weekends. Today, during the course of sketching, I realized I needed a light table to transfer a template I had made to the soon to be final page. After a quick trip to Home Depot and $25 out of my pocket I have a light table that will serve my purposes perfectly.


  • Buckets$2.78 x 2
  • Worklight – $4.97
  • 18×24 .236″ Plexiglass Sheet – $14.47

After I took the photo I decided that having the light blind me if I moved the paper was a less than ideal situation so I used some masking tape to attach 2 11×14 sheets of white drawing paper to the underside of the glass to diffuse the light a bit. Now it’s much more pleasent to work on. It may not be attractive or comfortable to use for extended periods of time, but for what I needed it was perfect, plus it breaks down very quickly and who cant use more buckets?

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