Freelance in transit

So yesterday I was heading home for the holidays. After my flight being delayed for 3 hours I was off. The flight wasn’t full so there was a seat between me and the guy next to me – I was on the aisle.

Well before the 10,000 foot electronics free for all a guy across the aisle said he couldn’t help but notice that I was an artist (I was sketching in my moleskine at the time). He said that he had just finished a manuscript and was looking for someone to sketch a book cover. He handed me a small piece of paper with some scribbles on it and explained that he wanted two faces looking at each other both looking like they were starved convicts. He said he’d give me $20 for my time so I agreed to do it.

Then he started talking about how the book was about how in the year 2038 the Muslims have enslaved the Christians and the Jews and they are branded with either a monkey or a pig on their forehead and that this should be reflected in the sketch as well.

I did the sketch for him, took his money, and unknowingly participated in what sounded like an anti-muslim publication. Ohhhh what these troubled times have driven me to. Sorry Muslims.

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