Sim City iPhone

Since this game was announced I’ve been pretty interested in it. On Kotaku today they posted a little mini review and it sounds really promising. The load times sound like they could be an issue but on 50 minute commutes a few minutes of loading is hardly a deal-breaker. If I get any iTunes giftcards this christmas I do believe I’ll pick up this and possibly katamari.

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  1. This was a good post, and I totally agree with what you wrote. Although I do have a quick challenge… I have had an iPhone over four years at this point. And then I have a week ago upgraded to a iPhone 4. And while I really like the iPhone ( generally), I positively hate AT&T. I don’t want to have to jailbreak my iPhone to work with a different provider, nonetheless , if Apple remains in partnership with AT&T much longer I’ll be forced to switch to purchasing an Android cell phone. The question for you is, do you really imagine Apple has any existing desires to open up the iPhone to new service providers any time soon? Mostly I’d want to go to 1 who has real 4G coverage! All the best!

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