Killzone 2 – Helghan? More like HELL YEAH!

Killzone Helghan Killing ZONES!

With Killzone 2’s release date drawing near GAF is abuzz with new media. The above shows some concept artwork for what looks like a Helghast Light Armor trooper. I really like all the detail they put into the breathing mask and the goggles. Remember: Gamestop has an exclusive deal where if you preorder you get to play the Killzone beta starting on February 3rd. I ordered my copy online so they’ll email me the code. If you pick it up in store you get a card with the code on it (some stores already have them).

For more info on Killzone 2 check out this month’s episode of Qore for a feature on it.


  1. Killzone 2 looks awesome. I never played the first Killzone, I think it was on the Playstation 2? It looks like a Halo killer to me. The mutliplayer in Killzone 2 is going to be what I play for the first half of 2009.

    I need to head over to my Gamestop and grab a copy for my beta code soon.

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