Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

After their last album Strawberry Jam, I’ve been really into Animal Collective. Well now they have a NEW album coming out on Jan. 20th, and everyone with a lick of sense should go and buy it. I plan to get it from amazon via their MP3 download service. It’s usually cheaper than iTunes and the songs are a higher bit rate so that it sounds nicer. Pitchfork has given the album a score of 9.6, which for them is a ridiculously high score. Go preorder this shit it is, as the kids say, “the new joint”.


  1. I listened to this album and I thought it was ok. I can’t say I approve of this ‘pitchfork’ site and it’s devil connotations. It’s sites like that lead young men such as yourself away from a path of good and righteousness down the dark path of evil.

    Ron Paul 2010

  2. Look, noodles. I don’t like the cut of your jib.
    Your antagonistic rhetoric is not welcome at “the shop”. Pitchforks are a useful farm implement and if you want to connect farming to the devil well… you just killed America’s heartland. Thanks for destroying our nation.

    FARMING 2009!

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