No need to fight through nerd stench. Read manga online.


It’s no secret that I am a pretty huge nerd. In order to fulfill all of the prerequisites of that title I must read manga (japanese comics) on a fairly regular basis. Accomplishing this has always been an annoyance because I’d have to seek out each new issue download it unzip it and so on. Who has time for that these days?! Not I. A few days ago my girlfriend clued me into this website she found called I am mainly interested in the site for keeping up to date with Naruto, but they’ve got a pretty expansive selection of other books too.

The best part about it is that they have all of the manga broken down into pages of HTML so you dont have to download anything. You just click through from beginning to end. Its terribly convenient. If you’re a fan of Manga or are looking for a good way to check some out then by all means — Do have a look around.


  1. i have used that site for a while and i love the fact that you dont need to download the files. try reading sazuka.

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